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Connection Creates Community

As our world is rapidly changing, it is no surprise that many employees are attracted to companies that offer the opportunity to work from home.

However, it's crucial to be aware of one significant downside that affects millions of employees every day.
Recent studies have shown that for many remote employees, feelings of isolation have been detrimental to their mental health. We are, by nature, social creatures, and we long for human connection.

Building connections at work creates a sense of camaraderie and lays the foundation for trust, which is crucial for the success of any team.

What can The Connections Studio do for YOUR team?

Build your work community and your team’s sense of belonging

Attract and capture your team’s attention

Provide digestible and practical tools that fuel peak performance

Foster engagement and collaboration all throughout your company

Attract and retain top talent

Improve and strengthen brand identity

Why Now? Why Video?


Human connection is quickly fading in corporate and tech world settings, yet it is arguably the most important connection in our lives.


Effective communication comes in many forms, one of the most impactful being videos that connect our teams and spotlight their work.


Videos for internal communication will attract and capture your team’s attention, highlight essential and critical information, and provide digestible and practical tools that fuel peak performance. Most importantly, it will build your work community and team’s sense of belonging.


Our Mission

Improve communication with team members through creative content

Bring your community together, which can be difficult in remote workplaces

Keep the team engaged, informed, and inspired

Create a library of videos that team members can access anytime (Messages from the C-Suite, Onboarding, Training, Global Announcements, Cultural, etc.)

Contact us today for your FREE consultation!

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